Shanghai Honghoo Environmental Protection technology Co., Ltd.(HONGHOO) , founded in April 2006, is committed to addressing the problems in the environmental protection arenas and the energy. Bringing together the best technical and scientific expertise, our purpose is to identify emerging technologies and effect the commercialization of these programs to allow energy efficiency without further destroying our delicate planet.

Shanghai Honghoo Environmental Protection technology Co., Ltd.(Honghoo) is at the forefront of revolutionizing the treatment of organic waste especially in city garbage by changing the way in which organic waste materials are utilized, thereby providing a platform for sustainable development. What was once deemed as ˇ°wasteˇ± and transported to a landfill or incineration facilities can now be converted to a reliable stream of renewable energy by low-temperature pyrolysis without oxygen, reducing greenhouse gas emission, minimizing global warming, and improving our environment of life.

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